Application Support and Maintenance

If you are contemplating to migrate or rewrite your software application to a newer technology or platform or if you are contemplating to web-enable or cloud-enable your software application system, then WebIdea may be an apt choice for you to support you in this endeavor. WebIdea offer Application Maintenance and Support services, which are designed to help organizations increase application efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive high-performance, and extend application life.

Why Application Maintenance and Support Services?

Ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement of an organization's products and applications are challenges that every organization faces as its business requirements evolve. At the same time, they also present a strong potential for cost savings in global enterprises.

Managed services for comprehensive maintenance and support services enable clients to economically manage complex application portfolios. Some of the benefits of outsourcing application maintenance and support are:

  • Lower recurring cost of maintaining existing applications
  • Improved quality and consistent services levels
  • Lower risk of downtime
  • Greater end-user satisfaction

Service Offerings
  • Rapid ongoing Development, Support & Maintenance to manage -
  • New Functionalities, Improvements & Change Requests
  • Enhancements & Customizations
  • Accelerated Product Development
Basic Support
  • End-user support, including reply to calls and answering "how-to" questions
  • Ticket resolution and logging
  • Resolution of basic IT/computer problems, such as username and password issues
  • Confirmation of physical layer issues
  • Installation/re-installation of basic applications
  • Confirmation of appropriate hardware and software installation
  • Assistance with navigating around application menus
  • Help with using knowledge management tools
Premium Support
  • Observing ticket log
  • Providing Break-Fix/Corrective and Emergency support
  • Providing consultation and technical support to end-users
  • Resolving ad-hoc issues
  • Testing and releasing patches to production within a specified TAT
Gold Premium Support
  • Preventive, adaptive, and perfective maintenance
  • Schedule maintenance activities
  • Need-based communication and follow-up with 3rd-party vendors/provider, suppliers, etc.
  • Fault detection and root cause analysis
  • Negligible enhancements and customization
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